The transition to a new year always seems to bring with it a sort of ultra charged enthusiasm, making us more focused and ambitious to look at our world, and commit to changing it. Suddenly the problems of humanity are no task too big.

Suddenly, we got this. 

This very juice may make us utter goals that can seem absolutely delusional, but it also actually reminds us of something very important – to be more conscious of the input and output we expose ourselves to. When the year is fresh we seem more apt at realising the ripple effect our actions can have, and our potential to roll with these new urges to see good change. But truth is, these are always there, deep within us. Sometimes they just need to be coaxed out more than other times.

This is where lengthy podcasts, talk back radio, and TED talks come in…

The internet is a wonderful tool for discovering pockets of motivation and awe – allowing us to become informed of big ideas, clever creativity, and motivations for change.

In honour of this, we’ve compiled a small list of links to top up your levels of new year inspiration juice. These discussions are various, so we think the curated balance of topics should hopefully see you right.

Here’s to overflowing!


We have a bit of a crush on Cyrill Gutsch…Here he is talking at the Virgin Disruptors 2016 event about his eco foundation – Parley for the Oceans.


Vulnerability and shame researcher Brene Brown on why our critics aren’t the ones who matter.


This radio chat breaks down research conducted by a neuroscientist and entrepreneur in rural India, showing that brain activity may be most influenced by particular modes of progress within the society we belong to.


This toilet paper or that one?!

Barry Schwartz talking about his enlightening book, The Paradox of Choice.


Sherry Strong speaking of eating S.L.O.W. and making better food choices.


Greta Gerwig’s genius new film that will not make you want to go back to your high school years, but will make you want to go give your mum a big old hug.


Actors Steve Carell and Rooney Mara sharing their thoughts on process, creativity, portraying real people, and just engaging in some great general chit chat.



Photo: Fanny Latour Lambert