Moments staring out the window, slipping into a blur of blissful nothingness as we ride a train through unknown lands, having long and frivolous conversations with locals in small foreign towns, and watching dappled sunlight pass through gaps in the leaves of a tree don’t know the name of. Our travel ideas for 2018 are a good itch we must scratch, currently coming in the form of island love.

Hailing from a special little island ourselves, we know the charm of small scale community. The feeling that we are part of our own secret club. Untouchable, almost forgotten, humbly boasting a lifestyle so grounded and pure. Saluting our little lump of land down the bottom of the world, and to satiate our urge to plan ridiculous travel itineraries, we want to highlight a few other beautiful cast away isles floating around the globe. Because travel can become overwhelming if we bombard ourselves with the task of covering a lot of ground in just a little bit of time, we’ve come to the realisation that committing to an in depth exploration of just one bitesized space could be the way to go. Really soaking in the feel of a culture, and proving the old adage true – good things can and do come in small packages.


Sri Lanka –

Sri Lanka is best left to its own devices when it comes to conducting a description – as we can see in the photos below. We are captivated by the diversity of the landscape and it’s colours, and the merging of ancient tradition with modern ways of exploring. Sri Lanka seems to be a world apart from the rest, with every nook ready for a snap and every snap fit for a tropical storybook.

The country is home to 21.2 million and sits only 30 kilometres adrift from the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Often mistaken as a part of India, Sri Lanka in fact proves to truly hold a culture and charm all of it’s own.


Images: Lauren Evans 



Formentera, Spain –

Formentera is the baby among Spain’s many Balearic islands, situated in the Mediterranean Sea.

Familiar to most as a day trip destination, but we want to give Fomentera a little more time to woo us… The story we picture begins with a morning coffee, Spanish style, after rising with the sun as it whips through the curtains of our open balcony door. After a visit to the beaches of Migjorn or Llevant for a wake up dip, we’d then make tracks by bike, with salty hair dripping down our sun scorched backs to La Mola market to indulge in the vibrant local music, craft, and cuisine of the island. After a further few hours soaking in the history of rich 18th century gems dotted around the island we would wave goodbye to the day at Cala Saona bay, a popular sunset posse on Formentera’s west coastline.

If that’s not enough to make you hop on the plane with us, we don’t know what is!



Bottom images: Terence Connors



Okinawa, Japan –

When most of us think of Japan, we think of busy city streets dazzling with lots of lights and Hello Kitty merchandise, or conversely, snowy mountains offering epic powder runs.

Dotted in the East China Sea, below the mainland of Japan, Okinawa is home to picturesque coastline, with white sandy beaches and pristine turquoise waters. Standing out are the waters of Miyakojima, a district in Japan’s Okinawa Prefecture – Snorkelling, scuba diving, and beachside golf are all on offer here. As is some impressive infrastructure, including the famous Irabu bridge.

Okinawa has gained recognition in recent years after studies were released revealing that the elderly on the island held the lowest mortality rates in the world, and are now believed to be a community with the world’s longest life and health expectancy. Okinawa is home to 740 centenarians within a population of 1.3 million. There must be something in that water!


Image: Ippei & Janine Naoi