“Complaining about the world while doing nothing is unacceptable. This is our world and these are our problems to solve. Today, businesses are ruling the world, so to change we need to look at how we do business. Money fuels the economy, but ‘profit at any cost’ will cost us everything. We need a new definition of prosperity. One that includes our values” 

Prosperity documentary


One prickly question and then we’ll get down to it:

What do our spending habits say about our values?


As a smaller nation, we like to believe that we have it pretty well dialled in. The awareness we have surrounding social, cultural, and environmental responsibility is laudable. But as with any trajectory towards lasting growth and expansion, there will always be room for improvement. There is always more to learn, and always precious work to do. We will never leave the classroom until our time walking this earth is up.

Prosperity, a 2017 documentary tracking companies and individuals engaged in socially conscious business practices, urges us as consumers to view purchases and expenditures with the three P’s they call ‘the triple bottom line’ – People, Planet, Profit. Not just the bottom line of “profit”, which is the current model for business in most countries throughout the world.

As a small, independent publication we want to celebrate and also motivate this calling. Because without people we don’t really have much at all. Society is at the forefront of it all.

It is our ambition to to entertain and inform our humble nation, profiling those who might gently remind us to start new conversations and ask new questions. Such as, how are we spending, what do we stand for as individuals, and what virtues and systems do we hope to see our country stand firmly upon?

Chinese have a beautiful custom – to look forward seven generations when making any decisions, asking, what is the cause and effect not only for today, but for those down the track.


What might embracing this perspective look like? It would be B.E.S.T.

Businesses who support the ethical supply chain, created under the virtuous cycle of harmony and the awareness that we are all human, and should all be benefitting from this planets resources equally.

Educated consumers making choices which support their wellbeing – mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Sustainable business practices implementing fair trading principles with smaller villages and other cultures. Transforming both economies, and closing the gaps.

The power of thinking long term – motivating more sustainable changes and action, not just greenwash and empty promises.


John Mackey is the CEO of Wholefoods in Amercia, a business which is said to have formed the modern day wave of conscious capitalism. His focus? To inspire purpose driven companies who don’t compromise their values for profit. Rather, to have their drive planted in a future focus that will restore our environment and economy. John states, “when caring for the planet becomes profitable, business becomes a powerful force for good. Stop putting money into the hands of the people you disagree with. That’s a protest. Your voice matters and can make a difference.”

Every individual has influence to enforce powerful change. Simply by asking ourselves ‘what do we see in front of us that could use some reconsideration?’ Just start there, and let our spending choices reflect those ideals.

We don’t have to save the whole world… Yet.



Image: Jared Fowler