This weekend we’ve created a compilation of links with one simple focus in mind:

Making and consuming with greater purpose.

Inspired ourselves by the various pieces, creators, and organisations we’ve stumbled across, we believe it would be rude not to share!



First off, if you’re feeling a little dark about the limited daylight hours we find ourselves experiencing at this time of year, check out this incredible light design from the 2016 London Design Festival to renew your appreciation of light and dark here


If you love art, but also love film, and prefer the modern convince of trolling the internet for artistic inspiration over going out in the cold to wander through a museum, you can thank the guy who’s done all the research to bring it to you simultaneously here


To fill up your ‘gosh New Zealand is such a great little forward thinking country’ tank, why not check out what some of the leaders in sustainable change are doing in and around our nation here 


Want to see more of our own back yard, and be taken on a stunning journey through the history of New Zealand contemporary jewellery design? Watch this delightful film about Kobi Bosshard’s life, documented by his daughter Andrea and her husband Shane.


Local singer songwriter Holly Arrowsmith’s new music video is a visual ode to the south island’s majesty – shot by Christchurch filmmaker and photographer Andrew Hewson.  Watch it here


‘Nowness’ makes us stop to think about the why behind the way we dress here 


Read about the architect in London committed to designing caring, thoughtful spaces that are functional and relevant, yet have ‘a kind of spirit’ here


Intrigued by the words ‘Disco diva of Saigon’? find out what they really mean when you read it here


Take a trip back to when photographs were more of a one shot wonder. Nowness reviews the beautiful personal polaroid archives of Wim Wenders here 

While you’re there, grab a cuppa and take a few short minutes to watch this stunning film about youth and vision by photographer Olivia Bee.



“Determination and trust in the positive impact of your business are key to found a contemporary ethical fashion brand.”

Surely we can’t ever get enough of reading about those making positive ripples in the fashion industry can we?

Read about some of the best here, and then take a look at one young breath of fresh air bringing the same ethos to life in New Zealand here.



Top image: Clara Balzary.