“Love is a precious gift. It’s a plant, and you’ve got to look after it and water it. You can’t just sit on your backside.”

John Lennon will forever be remembered as an advocate for good love and peace on earth, but he once admitted he didn’t know what he was really singing about until he met Yoko Ono.  THIS sweet little animation brings a rare audio clip to life, with the two explaining what they think it’s all about.

Oldies are greatest sages, and THESE ones have some jolly good wisdom to share on how to be happy and live to a ripe old age. According to one dear fellow “a spot of whiskey occasionally helps.” Bless.



A handful of comedians teach us that it’s acceptable (in fact it’s encouraged) to look back on your younger self with a little less shame and seriousness and instead find things to have a little bit of laugh about HERE. 

Modern meditation teacher Jac Lewis reminds us not to wear ourselves out thinking about that which is not in existence yet, and to remember that chasing a rainbow is really only another way of fuelling dissatisfaction, HERE.




If you followed the link’s from last week you might have watched the documentary on Kobi Bosshard. As a consequence you may now have a previously unrealised but now very urgent desire to become a jeweller at the forefront of your mind…

Why not try your hand at making something pretty for your fingers by signing up for a night course, HERE.




If you find yourself already undergoing a repetitious cycle of soup recipes because it’s cold and it’s wintry and easy food is too easy to pass up, why not try your hand at THIS delightful little frittata from one of the most delightful food blogs we’ve stumbled across.




Shibui/Shibumi (渋味)

A Japanese principle meaning:

Beautiful by being understated, or by being precisely what it was meant to be and not elaborated upon. Direct, simple and subtle, without being flashy. Elegant simplicity, with articulate brevity. The term is sometimes used today to describe something cool yet beautifully minimalist, including technology, spaces, and consumer products.’

Pondering how we can be individuals and therefore a community that walks the talk of Shibui more. Because Shibui people are the coolest people.




Bottom image: Diana by Augustus Saint-Gardens.