This week’s link list is all about identity – who we are, what lights us up and keeps us going, and how human beings are navigating the various complex systems within society and culture.

The German word ‘Zeitgeist’ is often used as a sort of definition-vault when it comes to labelling the world we live in, translating directly to ‘the spirit of the times.’ With hopes of grasping more clarity in regards to the time we find ourselves currently existing in, why not have a look, read, and listen. Then perhaps go do so you can talk about it all with some other curious minds once you’re done!




Firstly, Francisco Tárrega’s Capricho árabe is a beautiful song to transport you to a different time, if the one you’re experiencing isn’t quite so lovely.  Have a listen HERE. 

Hear notorious rocker Patti Smith talk about growing up but not ever actually growing up HERE, and learn more about her views on existing with the inner longing to stay young, naive and playful.

Ever wondered what effect technology and constant smart phone usage is having on the brains of today’s children, aka: The Digital Natives? Have a listen to THIS discussion.





How one form of traditional art has been given a second wind, thanks to THIS talented lady, who is contributing to Korea’s cultural identity by reviving tradition and serving the country’s cultural heritage.

It seems like school and education systems are finally beginning to value and endorse creativity and the arts worldwide now. With this new paradigm forming, we need to ensure the children of today become adults who are flexible, innovative and colourful, to help breathe life to the new mode of future living. Neat little things like THIS book might be a cool place to start.




THIS documentary shares an intimate portrait of Nick Drake – the fragile and enigmatic musician who was too good before his time.

Observe how art can help us identify and express our emotions – either through creating, viewing an artist in the process, or simply gazing in admiration upon the finished piece. Watch a nice visual representation of this HERE.

THIS short animation by The School of Life might even help us take our emotional understanding a little further too.

Find out what the young children of America think of Trump HERE.

THIS entertaining real life ‘Lord of the Flies’ experiment brings insight into the social dynamics of pre-pubescent boys when left to their own devices…What could go wrong hey?!




A very ‘now’ place indeed – Christchurch’s newest sustainable microbrewery is getting everything crafty and wholesome pretty right. Why not have sip HERE and soak your senses in the taste of today.