Somewhat of a leader in next generation creative thinking and marketing, this Kiwi boasts a very impressive, albeit thoughtful, plethora of collaborative work. Her vision has breathed life into campaigns for lauded NZ brands Karen Walker, RUBY, Sans Ceuticals, and Kate Sylvester, and her inimitable film and imagery projects have been showcased on popular sites like NO Magazine, Anyone Girl, and Sauce Magazine. With a style that relies heavily on representing modern culture, whilst making advantageous use of pre-digital age equipment like super 8 cameras, her work is filled with references to particular artists, films, music and concepts from multiple eras. With experience working in the fashion industry as both a model and creative, she has established herself as a female filmmaker with an active advocacy for presenting women in a light that is more dignifying and empowered than most other consumer content out there. Putting this at the forefront of her creative investigations so as to create work that can generate healthy discussions and contribute to positive change in the industry.