Just like spring can be a bit of a lucky dip season, this months links have been gathered from multiple niche corners we think might be cool for you to invest in. Loud and simple, bold and quiet, structured and routinely, or fluid and rhythmic, our curation of content is much like October’s tendency to be windy one minute and sunny the next.

Because it really is quite beautiful that way isn’t it.


Margaret Howell is a legend of quality, but even after mastering London’s high fashion market for decades her heart still favours humble forms found in nature. Take a look inside her beach house and read about her views on the therapeutic pastime of beach combing HERE.


On the topic of collecting, we all know art (when not found on the beach!) can be ludicrously expensive to incorporate into your life. Thankfully THIS man has acknowledged that, mapping out a guide to collecting significant works of literature and art on a friendly budget. His philosophy rests on the idea that “being well informed is one thing, but developing a discerning eye for good art is something else.”


Georgia O’keefe is another lauded creative figure, with famous works recognised all over the world. These days she is widely revered by younger artists and makers more for her approach to life and thoughts on simplicity, proving that a thoughtful life is the most effective way to express true creativity. Read about how she spends her mornings HERE.


Everyone seems to be on the buzz of Nick Cave at the moment – but little did we know there are actually multiple NC’s producing cool stuff in this world, including THIS one, who takes found materials and turns them into Bowie-esque creations that subtly challenge the ideas of physical appearance, judgement, and discrimination.


We all love to dance when we are alone in quiet spaces, but Director Andres Arochi has taken this liberating secret hobby and turned it into a beautiful film that explores our physical relationship within significant spaces and architecture. You can the strange and mesmerising experience HERE. 


We Kiwi’s love to please people, often at the expense of our own needs. While there is so much encouragement to ‘speak your truth’ and ‘say it like it is’ circulating society currently, we think Lauren Trend of Self Practise in Melbourne has highlighted one poignant truth with this sweet article – we may tend to overlook to how to part of that story, landing us in a ‘sorry epidemic.’ Have a read and feel the metaphorical pat on the back from her HERE. 


You already know how much we value the words of English philosopher Alain De Botton. Hear his thoughts on dating and mating, and what common tenancies can cause road bumps in our most treasured relationships HERE.


Rouse your excitement for early mornings awakening to a bustling city full of coffee and culture with a little escapism from BB Dakota staring Kiwi model Zippora Seven HERE. Oui Oui, c’est très beau!


The stunning Nordic tradition of kulning (cattle calling) will send shivers up and down your spine HERE.


If you’re in need of a good tune to accompany warm and friendly times, look no further than Kurt Vile’s latest song HERE.