The science of society series – debunking human behaviour

By | April 10th, 2018|Curated, Unearthed|

People are endlessly fascinating. No two the same, yet all operating under the same driving principles. We've done a bit of digging into the troves of behavioural science, and have decided to dedicate the next couple of weeks to debunking the most interesting theories and experiments for you. We're confident that by the end of [...]

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Let that soak in – our 3 favourite discussions this week

By | February 28th, 2018|Curated, Unearthed|

    Podcasts while walking, podcasts while bathing, podcasts while commuting - there's always time to squeeze in a little extra intellect and inspiration. What's more, this week we've done the hardest part for you, sourcing out three talks we think will be equal parts encouraging and enthusing. And for those of you [...]

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Better common scents – exploring aromatic routes to natural healing

By | January 29th, 2018|Curated|

Essential oils are somewhat of a big topic in the health sphere these days. And since we’re all about debunking buzz words, we thought it would be fitting to extract some deeper meaning from these pretty smelling goods to figure out exactly how and why they serve to be a beneficial addition to our wellbeing [...]

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7 Links to keep the ‘new year, new you’ enthusiasm pumping

By | January 22nd, 2018|Curated|

  The transition to a new year always seems to bring with it a sort of ultra charged enthusiasm, making us more focused and ambitious to look at our world, and commit to changing it. Suddenly the problems of humanity are no task too big. Suddenly, we got this.  This very juice may [...]

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Clicking for kicks

By | December 4th, 2017|Curated|

The turn of the century has gifted us many a good thing….Like total permission to binge watch trashy tv series (Netflix), the ability to stalk another person without warranting a restraining order (Facebook), and impulsively buying unnecessary possessions. In our pjs. On the couch. (Online shopping).   However, with these societal advancements and [...]

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Brain Crush – Alain De Botton

By | November 9th, 2017|Curated, Unearthed|

British writer and philosopher Alain De Botton not only has a brilliantly soothing voice, he also has some very intelligent insights into the way us human beings think and behave. To kickstart the analytical side of your brain, and perhaps provide some wisdom for navigating the idiosyncrasies of those around you, here are some of [...]

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By | May 18th, 2017|Curated|

These greeting cards are the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ – not only are they designed and made in New Zealand, but you’ll also be supporting Chalky Digit’s conservation efforts.

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Wayne Youle: Look Mum No Hands

By | May 10th, 2017|Curated|

Full to the brim with Wayne Youle’s high energy, sharp-witted artmaking, this major solo exhibition features new and recent works in all manner of media, from a glistening, supersized cobweb in imitation gold chain and a supersized tyre swing through to hand knitted balaclavas and cast bronze gumballs. Deftly blending humour and provocation, Youle’s works [...]

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Francis Upritchard: Jealous Saboteurs

By | April 28th, 2017|Curated|

Spanning 20 years of practice by internationally acclaimed, New Zealand-born artist Francis Upritchard, this major survey reverberates with possible histories, both ancient and imagined. Upritchard interweaves references to archaeology and anthropology, to modernism and hippiedom, to nostalgia and futurism, in an unforgettable exhibition that is startlingly strange. Featuring important loans from public and private collections [...]

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Scape Public Art Gallery

By | March 28th, 2017|Curated|

Nestled in Merivale you will find Studio 125 Gallery,  a partnership between Heather and Neville Brown and SCAPE Public Art for the promotion and advancement of public art in Christchurch.  Artist and Philanthropist Heather Brown has opened her Merivale studio to the public as a pop-up gallery, to promote and fundraise for public art in the [...]

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