A considerate christmas: Resisting consumer over-indulgence

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, said Bing Crosby! Here in New Zealand we are so spoilt with summers made up of BBQ’s in the sunshine, long days wearing minimal clothing, and any form of activity that involves large bodies of water. That just seems to be the Kiwi way - to forgo the [...]

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Introversion immersion – Weekend links

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Entering a season so full to the brim with verbal exchanges, visual stimulation, and the fun but somewhat tiresome onslaught of social events and dinner party small talk, we thought we would kick off this weekend in ode to the homebody residing in us all. As busy or as thrilling as we think life is, [...]

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Frances Nation is the shop you visit when you want to experience the palpability of surrender. As you take a breath to let your nose, mind and heart feel instantly purified, the bombardment of consumerism’s urgency suddenly disappears. Aromas of lime, frankincense, sandalwood and rose waft from handmade soaps lining the counter, providing a comfort [...]

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Bulking up your calendar – 2 good events to get to this November

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Incase there are some big old unwanted gaps in your calendar next month and you're after some ways to fill it that will kindly add to your repertoire rather than burn you out.....look no further.     WELLINGTON ZINE FEST: Following on from an article in our previous issue, we want to add [...]

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Looks like we made it – October links

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Just like spring can be a bit of a lucky dip season, this months links have been gathered from multiple niche corners we think might be cool for you to invest in. Loud and simple, bold and quiet, structured and routinely, or fluid and rhythmic, our curation of content is much like October's tendency to [...]

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Honouring 125 years of Women’s Suffrage in NZ

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    If the history of politics in this country is to teach us anything, it’s that our vote is our voice, and this voice is a privilege. Especially being female. Today, September 19, marks the 125th anniversary of women’s suffrage in New Zealand. On this day back in 1893 all women in New [...]

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Broad-ly Speaking Auckland: Event Recap

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    Societe magazine has it’s foundations firmly rooted in three key principles - to create, consider, and be curious. That’s why we like to get behind other people and organisations that are speaking to these qualities too. Brown Bread’s 8th Broad-ly speaking event was held in Auckland last Wednesday, and as a [...]

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The Sweet Taste of Success

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  A Vanuatu farmer shortlisted for International Cocoa Awards is already a winner It’s amazing how much can change in a year. Just ask Moli, a farmer and father of four from the remote island of Malo, Vanuatu, who until recently had never left the country and was struggling to support his family.  This time [...]

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Melting Arctic

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by Alexandros Giannios Observing climate change in the Canadian Arctic. "I would have said from dawn to dusk, but there is no such thing this close to the North Pole, the sun never set over the horizon." Here lies a hunting cabin in the wilderness. There are still some intrepid Inuit peoples living traditionally on [...]

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The spirit of the times – Weekly links

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This week’s link list is all about identity - who we are, what lights us up and keeps us going, and how human beings are navigating the various complex systems within society and culture. The German word ‘Zeitgeist’ is often used as a sort of definition-vault when it comes to labelling the world we live [...]

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