Five Tips to Sleep Through the Night

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Is there any better feeling that waking up in the morning feeling refreshed from a long, deep, restful sleep? No! But for many of us it's a luxury that we don't get to experience all too often because we just keep waking up.  Does anyone else have those nights where for no reason at all [...]

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5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Declutter Your Home

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It's Spring time, and love it or hate it, it is time to clean.  Some find it therapeutic while others put it off as long as (hygienically) possible.  Whatever side of the fence you're on, we all know that it has to be done, so why get it done now!  If you're struggling with where [...]

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Our top 3 Uber Eats picks!

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If you haven't already heard the exciting news, Uber Eats touched down in Christchurch!  For those unfamiliar with the concept of Uber Eats, this mobile-friendly app allows you to order food from the comfort of your couch, office desk, or wherever you may be, to have your food delivered to you within the specified time [...]

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The Lip Lounge

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Customise your own lip colour with The Lip Lounge! A new initiative in The Colombo, bringing the perfect shade to your lips! Sit down & relax while finding your desired shade & leave The Lip Lounge team to create your very own bespoke colour. The process is done right in front of you. Personalise your [...]

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Let’s take a walk

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Let’s take a walk  A truly heart-wrenching story, dear to so many of our hearts. It’s a wonderful tale of our beautiful city as it was, from vivid memories to more faded ones. It’s the little things that will remind you, keeping your memories as fresh as they once were. A recommendation for every coffee [...]

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Oooby ‘Out of your backyard’

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“Out of our own backyards” Local organic produce delivered to your door, no plastics, just good stuff. Ooooby started in 2008 when its founder, Pete, became aware that small-scale farmers were going out of business at an alarming rate. Acutely aware of the vital role that these farmers play in our personal health, our communities, economies [...]

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Inspiration to plan your next bucket-list vacation!

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As Spring creeps closer it's time to start planning the next vacation!  There's never been a better time than to sit down and decide what bucket-list travels you would like to tick off in the year ahead.  The difficult question to answer is that if you only took one big trip in 2018, what's your [...]

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Akaroa Frenchfest- fancy a Weekend away?

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What do you first think of when someone mentions Akaroa? - "It immediately brings to mind a small French Flavoured town by the sea & for good reason" French Flags fly high, reminding us of the history of this beautiful Town. Dating back to 1800's Akaroa brings back traditions in a re- enactment of the settlement [...]

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Note from the editor- curate, consider & be curious.

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Note from the editor words by Julianne Liebeck                   Spring is a traditional time of the year for spring-cleaning, it’s just now we call it decluttering, minimalism or simple living. All are good ways to take the pressure off ourselves in this picture-perfect world of social media [...]

The Surprising Health Benefits of Green Tea

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When the afternoon yawns have us seriously slowing down at our desks, there is one drink we reach for time and time again for an instant boost—green tea.  Sipping the caffeinated elixir is better for our bodies than downing a Diet Coke or that fourth cup of microwaved coffee.  Plus, green tea instantly wakes us [...]

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