Take note – the benefits of daily journal writing practices

“Why is one compelled to write? To set oneself apart, cocooned, rapt in solitude, despite the wants of others. Virginia Woolf had her room. Proust his shuttered windows. Marguerite Duras her muted house. Dylan Thomas [...]

Obscure & delightful – 5 destinations for your next holiday wish list

    1. Fancy life inside a lighthouse? If you’ve ever seen Michael Fassbender in The Light Between Oceans, we know you’ve secretly been harbouring a seed for that dream. Escaping civilisation, keeping [...]

Who, what, when – Podcast links for necessary knowledge in the now

  Starting fresh as we all grab hold of new and improved values for the coming weeks, here is our first 2019 selection of thoughtful podcasts to ignite the parts of your brain where curation, [...]

Capture your roaming – Melbourne’s oldest photo booth

If you’re in Melbourne and want to forgo the iPhone and capture your visit in one swift nostalgic act, good news for you! This year quite a story unfolded surrounding the old Photo Booth that [...]

A considerate christmas: Resisting consumer over-indulgence

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, said Bing Crosby! Here in New Zealand we are so spoilt with summers made up of BBQ’s in the sunshine, long days wearing minimal clothing, and any [...]

Introversion immersion – Weekend links

Entering a season so full to the brim with verbal exchanges, visual stimulation, and the fun but somewhat tiresome onslaught of social events and dinner party small talk, we thought we would kick off this [...]

New Habits.

consider reducing rather than recycling  It’s the early 50’s. Grandma has fewer wrinkles, likes to wear dresses shaped like wedding cakes, and along with her girlfriends has a new found fascination with the most revolutionary [...]

The Modernist 

Championed by a generation of architects led by Sir Miles Warren and Peter Beaven. 2018 marks the 50th anniversary of CoCA’s iconic Modernist building and in celebration, the Centre of Contemporary Art presents a suite [...]

Wallpaper to have fun with

Blending boundaries between art and design, the ‘Utility Paper’ collection by Deborah Bowness can be used as stylishly quiet backdrops or can be transformed through everyday mark-making to create powerfully personalised walls. Available exclusively from [...]

Rooms found only in the home

A significant exhibition of work by Auckland-based artist, Marie Shannon, has opened at the Christchurch Art Gallery. Consisting of more than 30 years of wryly humorous works, Gallery Director, Blair Jackson, says “Shannon is from [...]

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