5 Tips for First Timers at Coachella

Here's your survival guide on Coachella for first timers experiencing this incredible music festival!  If you're going to Coachella, travelling there seems to be half of the experience.  Located 209 kilometres east of Downtown Los [...]

6 Delicious Easter Brunch Recipes

Chocolate and marshmallow may get the spotlight on Easter Day, but there's nothing we love more than serving a beautiful brunch for friends and family.  To that end, we've curated a mouthwatering Easter menu for you and [...]

3 Easy Easter Egg DIY Projects!

With Easter just around the corner it is time to indulge in a little Easter Egg fun!  You may have grown up decorating eggs, but just because you're adulting now doesn't mean you can't do [...]

5 Tips to Make Your Weekend Seem Longer

The weekend is wonderful, there's no denying that. But, more often than not, we find ourselves at home on Sunday night wondering how 48 hours could have possibly flown by when our Monday through Friday [...]

How To Overcome 9-5 Burnout

Have you ever had a job that come 5pm you feel completely drained?  We're talking mentally and physically drained, like all of your energy has literally been sapped out of you? You may feel like you're drained because [...]

3 Eco-Friendly Netflix Documentaries You Must Watch

Here at Societe we know a good Netflix documentary when we see one, and these three have caught our attention.  If you're ready to enlighten yourself to the realities of the environment, sustainability, and how [...]

Scape Public Art Gallery

Nestled in Merivale you will find Studio 125 Gallery,  a partnership between Heather and Neville Brown and SCAPE Public Art for the promotion and advancement of public art in Christchurch.  Artist and Philanthropist Heather Brown has [...]

How to Avoid a Wine Hangover

The weekend is almost here, and for many of us, it begins with having a few wines with colleagues at the end of a long week.  We love everything about our favourite red wine—except for the [...]

5 Ways to Maximise Your Morning Commute

Depending on which form of transport you prefer, the morning commute can take up a significant chunk of your day.  Calculate how long it takes from when you walk out the door each morning until [...]

Two Friday Night Cocktails You Can Make In Two Minutes

Although Autumn is here and entertaining season may be officially over, it doesn't mean that cocktail season has to end—cheers!  We have two simple, fuss-free (but equally delicious) classic cocktails that can be made by any mixing novice, and [...]


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