5 Fashion Trends That Will Be Big In 2017

With the New Year comes new trends.  Read on to see five fashion trends that you need to keep an eye on for 2017!   IN: Stripes Just as effortless as a white-tee, stripes are being [...]

5 Empowering Quotes from the Women’s March on Washington

The Women's March on Washington, combined with the sisters march all over the world—brought over a million women together to raise voices in solidarity.  Celebrities from Alicia Keys to America Ferrera joined her to take [...]

Indulge In Crepes This Weekend

This weekend experience a little escapism, direct to France, courtesy of Maison de Crepes!  This gorgeous crepe cafe can be found in the middle of The Colombo, with plenty of parking making it an easy [...]

This Needs to be Your Morning Ritual

Forget what you've heard about how you should start your day.  It's not about practicing gratitude, meditating, or even going for a run—many successful women are adopting a far more simplistic morning habit: Drinking a [...]

Here’s What Every Fashion Blogger Is Wearing

At their S/S 17 collection showing in September 2016, Gucci presented something that caught everyone's attention, their logo tee.  Right away the fashion-world was abuzz, that this shirt would be the hero piece from the collection—the [...]

7 Quotes from Inspirational Women to Kickstart Your Day

When successful women talk, we listen. We want to hear and then implement every piece of wisdom, advice, and the lessons they are willing to share.  Read on to get completely inspired!

5 Cities You Must Visit This Year

It's only been a matter of days since the holiday season ended, but returning to our normal routine has left us with one thing on our minds: where to holiday next!  If you too are [...]

4 Financial Habits to Adopt in 2017

January often signals a shift in perspective. After overindulging and overspending during the holiday season, we enter the New Year wanting to shed our bad habits and reset priorities. As 2017 stretches out before us, [...]

The Best Workout for Women in 2017

When you stop to think about it, some of the biggest fitness trends of the last five years have had aerobic exercise as their focus.  From SoulCycle and barre workouts to Zumba, the most popular [...]

Pantone Announces its Colour of the Year

In an attempt to wipe the slate clean heading into 2017, the world-renowned team at the Pantone Colour Institute has carefully selected Greenery as the 2017 colour of the year. "Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to [...]


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