Easy Cocktail Recipes for Your Dinner Party This Weekend

We love a good “vacay” beverage on a Friday!  You've made it to the end of the week, and regardless of whether you are jetting off or not, you should absolutely treat yourself!  For those [...]

Live Large Without Spending Big

Just hearing the word budget induces automatic eye rolls from most of us, but being disciplined with your money should be commended, not condemned.  For most people, being frugal instantly brings to mind being stuck inside [...]

Your Beginners Guide to Meditation

Meditation gets mixed reviews.  For those who have never tried it before it may seem a little out there, or maybe you thought it's just something yogis practising yoga do, but you'd be wrong.  Meditation is one of the [...]

Drink of the Day: Mulled Wine

What is with this weather!?  Seriously, isn't it supposed to be blue skies and sunshine already?  The grey weather has us temporarily ditching the margaritas for mulled wine ...but to be honest, we couldn’t be happier about it. [...]

How to grow your Little Garden herb garden

Anyone else obsessed with New World's Little Garden?  It's the new Pokemon Go; gotta catch 'em all!  For those who are collecting the entire set, but who live in a small space, or apartment, it [...]

Summer Hair Trends for 2017

With summer so close we can taste it, it’s a given that we’re looking to inspiration derived from beach days, tousled hair, and an array of undone mane moments.  We love the new collection that has [...]

New Zealanders Are Sleep Deprived

New research has revealed that more than one third of New Zealanders aren't getting enough sleep.  What you may not have guessed is that one thing that could be causing workweek insomnia is your weekend.  That’s [...]

Dave Richards Photography

Photographer, Dave Richards' photos that were exhibited at the Spring/Summer '16 Societe launch party. To purchase a print contact Dave via his website daverichards.co.nz

Boats, Beers & Botanicals

It was a night like no other as we celebrated the launch of Societe Magazine's Spring/Summer '17 issue!  Scroll through to see more pics from the night!      

How to do a Digital Detox

This Sunday (the 2nd of October) you can join in on a city-wide digital detox.  That's right, from 10am - 2pm Christchurch is running a digital detox!  If you've never heard of a 'digital detox' [...]


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