Five Tips You Need to Know to Leave the Office at 5pm

For many of us it's not uncommon to work late—until 7 p.m.—most nights of the week.  However, we would really love to be able to walk away from our desks at 5 p.m., without our work suffering. [...]

Five Street Style Looks Inspiring Our Personal Style Now

Some of the most exciting and influential fashion is found on the sidewalks, not on the runways of fashion weeks around the world.  We have found some serious style inspiration from the fashion elite, as they [...]

Five Easy Dinners in Less Than 20 Minutes

Not all of us enjoy spending a leisurely evening in the kitchen preparing a slow-cooked meal.  The hard and fast truth is that the majority of nights we're hungry and tired, and want something for dinner that is [...]

What These Powerful Women Were Doing at Age 25

They're founders of multibillion-dollar companies, CEOs, and industry leaders, but at 25 years old some of the most successful women were just like you or me—unsure of what the future held but determined to make their [...]

How to Host a Dinner Party in Under 2 Hours

It’s the end of a long week, and your perfect idea of a Friday night plans is to invite a few friends over for an impromptu dinner party, but you know you won’t get home [...]

The Supermodel and Superstar Athlete’s Vacation Diet

Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady are a bit superhuman, if you ask us. And, as expected, their eating habits are a bit otherworldly, full of spirulina, Himalayan sea salts, and not much in the way of [...]

Make Fresh Blooms Last the Distance

While we love going to the florist and stocking up on fresh blooms for an event, for everyday matters, we normally buy fresh-cut flowers from the supermarket.  Supermarket's have an assortment of blooms in every colour at [...]

New Tech Release: The iPhone SE

After consistently going bigger and bigger year-after-year with its smart phones, Apple has now reversed its ways and has released a smaller, more compact iPhone.  Why, you ask? After selling 30 million 4-inch iPhones just last year, the [...]

Must-Visit Destinations for Solo-Female Travellers

When it comes to travelling, we can't get enough of it. Wanderlust is in our genes. There's not a city in the world we don't want to visit at least once, and being female certainly [...]

Bruschetta Bar

If there's one thing you must try for visiting friends and family who pop over for an evening at your place, it's a Bruschetta Bar party. It all starts with a few key ingredients – [...]


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