Made in France. 50 Years of Mods Hair

Made in France - 50 years of Mod’s hair.  2018 marks 50 years and still styling today under the same name, which has the utmost esteem in 250 salons worldwide. Founded on the principles of [...]

CoCA’s Anniversary Dinner

Did you know that CoCA’s iconic mid-century building is celebrating its 50th birthday? They're hosting a gastronomical arts experience to celebrate and the menu will be curated by chef Giulio Sturla from the award-winning restaurant, [...]

The Fermentist

The Brewery company, Lion have opened The Fermentist last month in Christchurch a brewery, tap room and cafe. They are taking charge in there business to implement changes to reduce the effect on there carbon footprint. [...]

The spirit of the times – Weekly links

This week’s link list is all about identity - who we are, what lights us up and keeps us going, and how human beings are navigating the various complex systems within society and culture. The [...]

Ace – A horsey tail of courage

Bayley Canterbury & The Crusaders have released their collaborative project  'Ace,  A Horsey tail of Courage', which is an anti bullying story book for children. The story follows the life of a horse who despite [...]


Weaving their magic with the stuff of life Words by Rosie Fea Threads like wool, linen, and tweed typically frequent the vision winter conjures up. Comprising a picture of decadent overabundance, with materials providing warmth, [...]

A new day dawning – Talking honest music with Holly Arrowsmith

In our culture of fame chasing and instant gratification, hard work and process can often become overshadowed. It can also cast a large weight on reality, endorsing the unattainable standard of consistent happiness or 'no [...]

Covering all bases – Weekend things to read, watch, think & do

    WATCH: “Love is a precious gift. It’s a plant, and you’ve got to look after it and water it. You can’t just sit on your backside.” John Lennon will forever be [...]

Vintage is the new black

Back to the future for thoughtful purchases From Gucci podiums to the ubiquitous communities of social media, the light being cast on vintage fashion has never beamed so bright. So, how does the niche of [...]

The weekend list – Links for inspiration

This weekend we've created a compilation of links with one simple focus in mind: Making and consuming with greater purpose. Inspired ourselves by the various pieces, creators, and organisations we've stumbled across, we believe it [...]

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