COCA Gallery

Contemporary art is off to a flying start, with an exhibition line up set to enliven even the most stale and straight observer. It is well known that art is a conversation, and conversations need [...]

Curiosity Gin

Curiosity Gin: What’s in a name?  Curiosity is a quality related to inquisitive thinking leading to exploration, investigation, and learning. With an ever-present openness to devising revolutionary ways of refining their twist on a traditional [...]

Wellness Homes

Finding your happy place. Words by: Conor Patton   Just this year, the first ever in-depth research to analyze the global wellness real estate and communities sector was released in a landmark report entitled ‘Build [...]

Auckland Art Fair

Whether you’re an experienced collector or a complete art newbie, the Auckland Art Fair is the place to explore, and buy, contemporary art. With 42 galleries showcasing the most interesting work from all around the [...]


To Lucas Parkinson, owner of Wanaka’s newest urbane restaurant, Ode, living up to a high standard of environmental responsibility goes hand in hand with delivering impressive and dignified food. Ode operates based on a business [...]

Look, See, Feel – 5 Podcast discussions to ponder this month

  May can be a month of monotony. Everything seems to move in slow motion as we brace ourselves for the colder months that seem to push a greater need for mental tactics [...]

Grow up – navigating the milestone of middle age

    Midlife crisis is a term often used very flippantly. A concept that has been the butt of many jokes serving as an attempt to dismiss feelings of existential anxiety and life [...]

The science of society series – debunking human behaviour (part III)

    "Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power" - Abraham Lincoln   When someone comes into sudden possession of power and leadership, [...]

Broadly Speaking Event

Broadly Speaking is back in Christchurch on Tuesday 15th March with 6 influential key speakers 'telling it as it is'. After first starting in 2015 and hosting their first Auckland Event last month, it is [...]

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

If your planning to be hanging around California in May, the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival may be a great event to visit. Providing opportunity to rediscover amazing productions immersed in the Californian culture, this 34th Film [...]

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