Pepa – Spreading the word for awareness month

Pepa Stationary is far from your usual nick nick store consisting of pencils and diaries. Ami, owner of the gorgeous store located in The Arts Centre, is taking the next step in reminding the world [...]

Another kind of life – London exhibition

Another kind of life  Photography on the margins exhibition in London. This exhibition is one dedicated to those who live on the margins of society’s standards. Countercultures, subcultures, drag queens, artists of circus, gang members; [...]

Guernica in Paris

Heading to Paris? This event is one to put on your holiday list. The Picasso museum in Paris is dedicating an exhibition to ‘Guernica’ –an original Pablo Picasso oil painting, classed as his most famous work. [...]

The science of society series – debunking human behaviour (part II)

  “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then, I contradict myself; I am large, I contain multitudes.” - Walt Whitman     Social science study number 2:   Confirmation Bias - Confirmation bias [...]

The science of society series – debunking human behaviour

People are endlessly fascinating. No two the same, yet all operating under the same driving principles. We've done a bit of digging into the troves of behavioural science, and have decided to dedicate the next [...]

William Eggleston in New York

William Eggleston is one of the pioneers of the photography world. Currently showing at the breathtaking Metropolitan Museum of Art, William Eggleston's work spans across 75 days depicting scenes from the American Life, produced from [...]

SALT Festival Australia

EVENT || SALT FESTIVAL Australia Salt Festival 'builds a new and innovative community.' Why not invest, and enjoy interacting with a myriad of artists & contributors! Share visions, innovation and connect with like minded folk to [...]

Let that soak in – our 3 favourite discussions this week

    Podcasts while walking, podcasts while bathing, podcasts while commuting - there's always time to squeeze in a little extra intellect and inspiration. What's more, this week we've done the hardest part [...]

One small step, one giant leap

  "Complaining about the world while doing nothing is unacceptable. This is our world and these are our problems to solve. Today, businesses are ruling the world, so to change we need to [...]

Love island – an ode to small landforms

Moments staring out the window, slipping into a blur of blissful nothingness as we ride a train through unknown lands, having long and frivolous conversations with locals in small foreign towns, and watching dappled sunlight [...]

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