To wander aimlessly – in praise of the flaneur

  Living in cities can be extremely recharging. Streets bustling with life, the constant generation of ideas occurring, all forms of diversity unfolding before your very eyes. On the flip side however, after [...]

North Canterbury Wine & Food Festival

The coolest little Wine Festival is returning to the Oak Trees Sunday 11 March 2018, with 30 + local & boutique winemakers, growers, chefs, bakers & restaurants. Enjoy devine Wine, Food and NZ's Favourite Country [...]

Better common scents – exploring aromatic routes to natural healing

Essential oils are somewhat of a big topic in the health sphere these days. And since we’re all about debunking buzz words, we thought it would be fitting to extract some deeper meaning from these [...]

I’ll be happy now – the daily choices we get to make

January is a month that typically endorses the habit of reflecting (frantically) upon ones successes, failures, actions and motivations of past, present and future. Graciously gifting us a clean slate to give it all another [...]

7 Links to keep the ‘new year, new you’ enthusiasm pumping

  The transition to a new year always seems to bring with it a sort of ultra charged enthusiasm, making us more focused and ambitious to look at our world, and commit to [...]

Goodbye, hello – the years end

    It’s quickly become that time again. Another 12 months have whizz-banged by, and what fun they have been! As we reflect upon the year that was, we better see the world [...]

Société Christmas Picks

Oh the joy of a gift. We all have those friends and family members who are a little trickier to find the perfect gift for, so to ease the Christmas stress we have picked a [...]

Transformative grief – the power of using art to heal

"To make living itself an art, that is the goal" were words once spoken by Henry Miller. In the case of Cloud Workshop, children bearing the weight of this while loved ones live no longer [...]

Basquiat in London

If you happen to be roaming the northern hemisphere this summer, why not head to the Barbican Centre in London for a quick squizz at the work of Basquait - a creative who committed himself [...]

What the 60’s taught us about being cool

In a post war generation, before there were hippies, and on the cusp of a revolutionary break away from the confines of a white picket fenced future, Mods, Go Go’s and Beatniks roamed the earth. [...]

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