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3 Easy Cute DIY Hairstyles
Written by Ekeane   
Saturday, 01 November 2008 00:00
Feeling like your hair styling routine is in a rut? We’ve all been there; sick of the same ole blow out and hair spray routine. Here are three easy and fun ways to spice up your coif, without using ten different irons and gallons of product.

The Ballerina Bun:
Gather hair at the back of your head as if you were going to make a pony-tail, begin twisting hair, coiling it around the base. Tuck the ends of your hair beneath the bun and fasten with bobby pins.

Variation: gather hair at the back of your head and fasten with an elastic, separate pony-tail into three equal sections and weave together in a braid. Coil the braid around the base of the ponytail and tuck the ends under and fasten with bobby pins.
The Heidi:
Part your hair down the middle; secure the left side with an elastic.  Gather the right side above your ear and divide into 3, equal sections. Weave into a braid all the way down to the ends of your hair. Take braid and pin it to the crown of your head, so that the ends of your hair meet the left ear. Repeat these steps on the left side of your head. Tuck the ends into the first braid, and voila, you will be able to yodel, or fight the dark side in no time.

Variation: Secure the braids at the nape of the neck instead of at the crown of the head for a more subtle up do.

Tied Up in Knots:
For just a little effort, this style will get you a ton of compliments. Divide your hair into two sections, one from the crown to the back of your head, and one from the back of your head to the nape of your neck. Secure the top half with an elastic to keep it out of the way. Next, divide the bottom half of your hair into two, equal sections again. Cross the right section on top of the left, and loop the left section through as if you were tying a shoe.   Repeat this step until the entire section is knotted and secure it with bobby pins. Remove the top section of your hair and repeat the steps above. Finish with a blast of hair spray!

Variation: The best part of tied up in knots is that if you sleep with your hair in the knots and take them down the next morning you are certain to have perfectly wavy hair. Remove the bobby-pins and shake out your coif. Spray once more with hair-spray, and you’re out the door with about a minute’s worth of work!
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i love your site!

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