Are Celebrities Good Role Models?

Written by Katie C. Moore
Monday, 01 September 2008 00:00

When you look back at the history of breakthrough female celebrities, the names Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland come to mind. These women were strong role models and inspired future generations to change the way the world viewed women. The impact that pact celebrities made on the world seemed to be mostly positive, but can the same be said about the current generation of celebrities? Now the title of celebrity is not only granted to people who star in movies or TV shows but can also be bestowed upon musicians or socialites as well.

With all the partying and drug rehab you see celebrities doing it is hard to see through all the darkness that surrounds Hollywood and see someone who really stands out and makes a positive impact on society. In every magazine there are pictorials with emaciated-looking women being showcased wearing expensive brands while driving luxury cars. I am not sure how American woman can feel anything but discouraged by most of the celebrities. They are like goddesses in the sense that they are treated differently than normal Americans and are not bound by the law. How can this inspire women of our generation? There is no possible way to ever be like most of the women in Hollywood, unless you have millions of dollars to spend on material goods. Even if women had enough money to live like someone famous would they even want to?

Figuring out if celebrities are good role models comes down to figuring out what most people find inspiring. I personally get more inspired from women who put their family first and enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Females who can change our generation in a positive direction or perhaps even push the inequality barriers that still exist for women today. The only famous women I can get motivation from are in the government arena. Women like Condoleezza Rice, Margaret Thatcher and Hilary Clinton. These women are promoting positive change in the world even if they are not on the cover of every magazine. They will be remembered for generations to come as being educated, strong, family oriented and devoted to making this world better. They outshine every Hollywood celebrity that is being stalked by the Paparazzi.

Bottom line: I think the celebrities are not good role models and there needs to be a wake-up call. Something has to change when all young women have to look up to as heros are promiscuous, beach-blonde women who flaunt their bodies and not their brains.

Hollywood is just not as romantic as it used to be and it’s gotten to be pathetic. I hope that our women in the United States do not aspire to be wealthy just so they can buy name brand things and party. I would hope they would want to gain wealth in order to do well in society and be able to help others who are in need.

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of people that are in Hollywood that are doing wonderful things to try and have a positive impact on the current generation, but the media fails to put them in the spotlight. The celebrities that are in the spotlight are those that fail to be a role model for others and only seem to be self-serving.

I hope that American woman would agree that celebrities are not good role models and that just because they are in the spotlight does make them idols. They are given the privilege of being in the public eye so they should use their fame to be someone who inspires women. I think our generation of women is smart enough to know that having lots of money or getting name brand items is not the way to have a complete life. Life is about what you fill your time with and the people you meet. So you need to ask yourself, who is your role model?

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