Greater Good

Written by Tamara Jenkin
Monday, 15 September 2008 00:00
Every one of us wants to do the most we can to help others and to save our environment. Unfortunately, it isn’t always in the forefront of our minds to give to charities when we are busy working, going to school, and paying for everyday costs in our own lives. Most people tend to give to charities around the holidays when we are reminded to on TV, on the radio, in magazines and by people standing out in front of stores dressed as Santa and ringing a bell. The truth is that people, animals and the earth are in need year round, not just during the holidays. The good news is that there is an easy way you can continue that spirit throughout the year by doing something every woman loves…by shopping!

Yes, you read that right- you can help get money to many different reputable charities simply by doing your gift shopping through the various charitable websites around the holidays and throughout the entire year. At, you can view a page full of hardworking organizations that exist under the umbrella of Greater Good, one of the best charity sites going.

The mission of Greater Good is to provide “simple online ways to protect the health and well-being of people (mostly women and children), animals, and the planet”. They offer multiple charity options like support for global literacy, ending hunger, breast cancer education, saving the rainforests, rescuing animals, and others. This way you can easily choose what charity you wish to support and then you simply click on the link to begin shopping!

Each of the Greater Good sites includes all sorts of gifts for yourself and those in your life. Unique gift ideas such as pieces of decorative art, clothing, jewelry and much, much more will have you filling up your virtual shopping cart and feeling great about spending money- for once! You will be amazed at the quality gifts and fun ideas offered and you are guaranteed to be inspired to surf through one site after another once you begin to see all that they offer. Of course, you can also make direct donations to any of the charities in Greater Good, each of which is 100% tax-deductible.

The “great” thing about Greater Good is that it really works. Their website states that, “in 2007, gave over $2.13 million to charity”. This money was distributed amongst charities like America’s Second Harvest, First Book, The Nature Conservancy, the National Breast Cancer Foundation and The Fund for Animals. As a result, animals, people and land areas were helped all around the world.

So take a few minutes to do some good and make yourself feel great by doing a little guilt-free shopping. Click on the breast cancer site to give a woman a free mammogram from sponsors, or buy yourself a ring with some words to live by, “Live well, Love Much and Laugh Often”. Live well as you give to others while showing your love and concern for people, animals and our planet. Then laugh with satisfaction as you realize all you have to do to realize this dream is go shopping.

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